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Froment is part of Avtron LoadBank Worldwide - the largest global manufacturer of power test equipment offering the widest range of products for virtually any application.

Avtron can offer and support Froment's entire product range including combined resistive and reactive load banks, high capacity containerized products with the sophistication of the Sigma Intelligent Hand Held Terminal (IHT) and computerized controller.

Avtron Load Bank Product Collage K875A Load Bank Millennium Load Bank Liberty Load Bank K711 Load Bank Spirit Load Bank Freedom Load Bank K675A Load Bank K922A Load Bank AVTRON LOADBANK, INC.
Load Banks are devices designed to provide electrical loads for testing power sources such as generators and Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Load Banks are also used to reduce "wet stacking" problems in diesel engines of backup generating systems.

Most Avtron resistive load banks feature Helidyne (TM) resistive elements. These Avtron designed and manufactured elements are made of a corrosion resistant chromium alloy and are fully supported across their entire length on stainless steel support rods with segmented ceramic insulators. Elements are carefully selected to operate at low temperatures to provide extended, reliable performance, eliminating the need for a "cool down" period after load bank operation.

Helidyne (TM) is a trademark of Avtron LoadBank, Inc.

Applications Ordering

Load banks can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as:

  • Factory testing of engine generator sets
  • To reduce "wet stacking" problems
  • Periodic exercising of stand-by engine generator sets
  • UPS system testing
  • Battery system testing
  • Ground power testing
  • Load optimization in prime power applications
  • Factory testing of turbines

Avtron manufactures both the load banks and the auxiliary equipment necessary to handle these and other applications. Contact your Avtron sales representative for complete support in choosing the best load bank system for your requirements.

When ordering or requesting pricing on Avtron load banks, the following information is required:

  1. Resistive, Reactive, or DC
  2. Applied Voltage(s) and Frequency
  3. Portable or Permanent Mounting
  4. Capacity
  5. Load Step Resolution
  6. Internal and/or External Control Power
  7. Blower Voltage Requirements
  8. Indoor or Outdoor Service
  9. Core Dimensions and Air Flow
    (K711 Duct Mount only)

For prompt quotation, please provide a complete specification via our on-line load bank price quotation form.

Improve Reliability of Generator Set
Industry trade organizations and manufacturers both agree that a well planned preventive maintenance program is vital to the reliable operation of a standby generator. Load Banks are an essential part of such a program. Load Banks provide a practical means to test the system without interruption to the critical loads.

The primary cause of diesel engine failure is "wet-stacking" ("wet" unburned fuel accumulating in the engine "stack"). It is caused by under-loading of the generator. Diesel engines that are lightly loaded, or allowed to idle for long periods, never reach their recommended operating temperature. Over time, unburned fuel coats the combustion chamber, reducing engine rating, efficiency, and life span. A preventive maintenance plan that includes load testing of a diesel generator set, will reduce the harmful effects of "wet-stacking" and increase engine life.

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